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Potential hydroponic gardeners can easily become overwhelmed by the complex processes involved with soilless cultivation. Understanding the basics prior to venturing into advanced gardening manuals can help prevent frustration and confusion. An informed gardener is more likely to succeed, and a successful gardener is more likely to continue to garden.

Written by international gardening author Grubbycup Stash, Grubbycup’s Simple Hydroponics is a starter primer on hydroponic growing. The booklet is motivating and interesting, filled with informative pictures and easy to read text.

Written in conversational English, Grubbycup breaks down hydroponic concepts, and simplifies the technical information. This book quickly delivers information to the reader without talking down to them. Forty beautiful color pages illustrate concepts including artificial lighting, media choices, and basic nutrition.

Grubbycup is obviously passionate about gardening, and helping gardeners improve. This booklet is informative enough to understand the differences between the most common types of hydroponic methods without being overwhelming.

Grubbycup’s Simple Hydroponics also outlines more advanced hydro systems, but the main thrust is for the beginner, the person a little hesitant to take that leap of faith and try hydroponic gardening.

The booklet also touches on environments, lighting, growing mediums, humidity, and temperature, it is a book even the most beginning gardener can follow. Grubbycup’s Simple Hydroponics is available at hydroponic stores and online sites.

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