Garden Writers Association Symposium

From Anne Marie Van Nest:

"Greetings Starr and Neil,

Please accept my sincere thanks to Harvest Moon Hydroponics and Alice's Garden Party for the invitation to your wonderful evening open house during the Garden Writers Association Symposium in Indianapolis. It was much appreciated and a very interesting evening! I love the atmosphere of shared songs, singing, jamming and good socializing all that your store open house inspired. It was great to sit on the peat moss bales, enjoy our dinner and browse the store. Your generosity is touching and I had fun every minute of my visit! Thanks for the special transportation too.

Best wishes,
Anne Marie Van Nest
Freelance garden writer"

A Good time was had by all, Starr Hawley of Harvest Moon Indianapolis teamed up with Mike Yocina of Nickel City Wholesale Garden Supply Crew & bused over more than 150 Garden Writers with sponsorship and logistical help from G.H./Alice's Garden G.W.A. Tradeshow booth reps.,Chris Guagno and Neil Watson. These garden writers were attending the 63rd Garden Writers Annual Symposium at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Indianapolis.

Starr's big beautiful new Harvest Moon Hydroponic location at 1336 E. Washington St., which is just 1 1/2 miles away from the Hyatt Regency started off hosting a customer appreciation day which shape, shifted into a festive party for the Garden Writers Association.

This is the 4th year in a row that the progressive gardening industry has played host to the Garden Writers. The first year Vee Kjoelhede from Grodan invited Garden Writers to her home in Salem. The 2nd year Peyam Baraghassa of Grodan Invited a Bus full of Garden Writers to his house in Raleigh, North Carolina. The bus was delayed because it was stuck in a ditch but when those garden writers finally arrived they were very grateful for a cold beer! Last year GH/Alice's Garden hosted the Garden Writers in Dallas at a very cowboy bar called Eddie Deens. Senrayan Ramasamy, the PhD Entomologist who created Azamax showed an excellent presentation.

Every year the Garden Writers attendance has grown. A good time has been had by all! The hosting teams worked very hard. The garden writers got to enjoy an extensive inventory of progressive gardening products which are not seen in most garden writers across the country, including a fabulous aquaponic system.

Thank you all very much,