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Mr. Yocina is a pioneer in the Hydroponics and cannabis industry. He has spent the past 36 years providing the Hydroponic and soil grown industry with equipment, organics and hydroponics systems and has been a pioneer in providing soil food (organic) products.

Mr. Yocina is a Master Consultant Soil Biologist & continues to be a pioneer in the cannabis/ Commercial Hemp equipment industry.

N.Y.S. State Hemp Research Permit #HEM P-P000094

Processing permit: # HEMP-G-000452, Cultivation, Infusion, Hemp Seed Protein , textiles

Site: @flowers-HEMP
California: LA-C-18-000293-App Cannabis Distributor, Cannabis Cultivation Specialty Indoor, Cannabis Manufacturing Level 1; Summitt Medical Supply inc.

Type of Business
  • Consulting
  • Distributor
  • Farming
  • Lobbying
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Processor
  • Researcher/Author
  • Retail: Internet
  • Retail: Store
  • Wholesale
Product Categories
  • Apparel
  • CBD
  • Energy/Bio Fuel
  • Food products
  • Paper
  • Raw materials (fiber/hurds)
  • Seed oil
  • Seed/grain
  • Seed/planting
  • Textiles (fabric/yarn)