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Growers around the world have found the benefits of using organic guanos as part of their fertilizer feeding recipe. What they have also found, is that heavy sediments quickly clog pumps and filters, resulting in pump failure and clogged emitters. What is a gardener to do? FILTER THEIR GUANO OF COURSE!!!!

With the Payload filtration kits, one can enjoy the benefits of using guanos and making teas with ease. Not all guano filtration kits are created equal. Our bags our serge seamed to give you years of service. These patent pending Guano Filtration Kits come in multiple micron sizes so you can have the ultimate say in what size particulate you want to strain.

All sets come complete with a pressing screen and storage bag. Don’t pay more for inferior bags… get the best and forget the rest!

The 4 bag kit contains one each 220u, 90u, 73u and 25u bags.

The 9 bag kit contains one each 220u, 190u, 160u, 120u, 100u, 90u, 73u, 45u 25u bags

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in