(D&E) Diatomite Food Grade fossil shell flour


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(D&E) Diatomite Food Grade fossil shell flour for Growing Amendments

(D&E)Diatomite Fossile Flour is composed principally of amorphous silicon dioxide containing no crystalliny, in particular, no cristobalite, tridymite or quartz were detectable, at detection limits of around 0.1%. Iron and silica levels are quite good and should make a positive contribution to plant nutrition. Both total and water soluble silica levels are very good, making this product a suitable growing media. There are no heavy metal contaminate cancers with the use of this product. Maidenwell Diatomite is a rich source of plant available silica which is widely documented to stimulate self acquired resistance (SAR) in plants thereby increasing their resistance to disease. Diatomite consists of skeletal remains of microscopic single cell aquatic plants known as diatoms. These small plants developed an opaline silicious shell like armour fro protection, upon the death of these plants the fossil shells accumulated on the beds of these fresh water lakes and compacted into lightweight porous rock.

Diatomite Food Grade fossil shell flour for Growing Amendments This can be mixed into a Resivior, or for hand watering mix 1 1/2 tablespoons per Gallon H2O, Top Dressing any growing medium, or Row Crops. Food grade DE only requires a light dusting to help with insects in your home or garden. More is not alway better, as insect tend to avoid large quantities. If you are simply trying to keep insects from entering your home you can put as much as you like as a barrier around your home and it should make a big difference. Remember that food grade diatomaceous earth works physically so it is not as quick as chemical insecticides, but it is much safer and will last as long as it is still present in the area.

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