SunBlaster T5 High Output Lighting Fixtures


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FHD’s T5 produces a light of much greater strength than a conventional tube and, as a result, the energy input into the area being lit is much greater and the light penetration is far superior to anything previously available. Our versatile and slim-line design allows you to mount the T5 Lighting fixtures anywhere added natural light can be benefitted, horizontally or vertically.

The SunBlaster™ T5 High Output comes in 3 sizes giving you a wide variety of application usage!

  • 2 ft – 24 W
  • 3 ft – 39 W
  • 4 ft – 54 W

Packaging includes bulb, ballast, link cable, 6 ft cord and 2 mounting clips for easy installation.

Ideal for the Gardening Enthusiast

Full Blue spectrum of 6400 Kelvin. The Kelvin rating is based on a scale we measure the temperature or color of the light emitted from the source. This means that it is ideal for the gardening as it contains the perfect temperature and lighting spectrum to initiate faster rooting time on cuttings, to start your seedlings, assist in supplying long-term lighting for mothering plants and can ultimately add valuable supplementary lighting in flowering plants.

Each fixture comes with our patented “link-system cable” that allows you to link your fixtures in-line with only one power cord. Up to 8 fixtures can be safely run off 1 power cord reducing outlet usage or pricey purchases of power bars. They are ideal for greenhouse applications.

Cost & energy efficient

  • Color temperature of 6400K for vegetative growth
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • Extra long life – 10,000 hours
  • Luminous Efficiency: 95 lm/W when operating at a temperature of 75 degrees and higher
  • Use the T5 Strip to connect multiple single strips to make one fixture

    *Combo set comes with T5 fixture, bulb and reflector*


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