ReVolt Digital 1000 Watt Dimming Ballast


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These digital dimmable ballasts offer a glimpse of the future of HID lighting control systems. They offer an improved design and increased efficiency, while delivering the best performance in the industry. Lab tests have shown that the ReVolt digital ballasts use up to 30% less electricity and are up to 30% brighter than traditional magnetic ballasts. Tested against the 3 top-selling brands in today’s marketplace, ReVolt ballasts outperform them all in terms of power consumption and light output.

  • The dimmable option allows for maximum control of light and heat output during the growing cycle, cutting down electrical costs, and increasing bulb life.

    The internal components are of the highest quality. An internal cooling fan, and resin coated circuit board allow for the coolest possible operating temperature (up to 15% cooler that other digital ballasts), which in turn results in an extended life for your ballast.

  • This ballast is UL® Listed! UL® Listed Maximum Lumens with either High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide Bulbs Worldwide voltage input ñ 100V-268V (50-60Hz) Universal Lamp Cord Receptacle (compatible with most reflector cords) Fast start up, stable light output, and longer bulb life Generator and Flip Box Ready 2 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty
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    Weight 10 oz
    Dimensions 16 × 4 × 8 in