E-Papillon 630 Watt LED

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Dimmable and Fully compatible
with all existing DLI systems
The fixture is fully compatible with all other products in our portfolio. This fixture communicates perfectly with the DLI controller, allowing you to easily replace or extend your existing installation with this new fixture.


DLI Diode-Series
LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC
Due to the compact and foldable design of the DLI DIODE Series Multilayer, the transport and installation of a lighting fixture has never been easier. With an outstanding efficiency of 2.9 Mol/J and the possibility to dim this light with a DLI controller we set the new standard for the best and easiest cultivation. We believe in this practical and simple fixture without compromising on our tried and tested quality. You get the best of both!
Foldable design
Plug & play principle
The innovative design of this fixture makes it foldable as well as lightweight. As a result transport of the fixtures is much easier and cheaper than before. The light weight of the fixture also offers numerous installation advantages such as fully independent installation. The fixture operates according to the plug and play principle, which means that the new fixture is ready to use immediately after following a simple installation guide

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Weight 32.4 oz
Dimensions 44.7 × 42.7 × 2.7 in


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