315 CMH GreenPowerLuninaires


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The average rated life of the GreenPower and Daylight bulbs are 16.000 hours with 80% lightoutput remaining.

  • The heat that is generated on the lamp surface is not transferred directly to the plant.
  • but indirectly, With air acting as a carrier. Using the open reflector concept, a natural air current is created, with which the heat is distributed evenly throughout the environment, thereby reventing the formation of hotspots on the plant. GREENPOWER LUMINAIRES 3K CMD T315W3K
  • 3000K CRI>83,FLUX>3000lm PAR Value PPF.510umol/s
  • Lamp base :PGZX18

    CMD T315W

  • K CRI>97FLUX>3060lm PAR Value PPF,522umol/s
  • base:PGZX18
  • Brand