PT Cloner 80


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  • The ultimate growing technique at an economical price.
  • Provides the perfect combination of humidity and aeration.
  • Supplies nutrients directly to the root system.

The PT Cloner 80 includes:

  • Super B+ is a plant growth and bloom additive that contains essential macro elements, chelated micro elements, natural vitamin B1 and our enriched sea kelp solution. Super B+ also helps stimulate the growth of roots on new plants.
  • Prop-O-Gator Plant Food for roots is known as the “Secret to a Successful Plant life”. Why? Root mass is the plant’s foundation and PlantLife Products’™ Prop-O-Gator combines a combination of nutrients with organic matter to accelerate your plants root growth!
  • QUICKROOT Rooting Enhancer At application, Quick Root’s unique formulation surrounds the stem with sustenance it can immediately use. Quick Root’s manufacturing process ensures the highly concentrated gel/liquid is evenly dispersed, protecting developing rootlets and plant tissues.
  • Steam 250 gph pump thermally protected so pump will not burn out if reservoir runs dry. A 60 liter rooting chamber with a easy to assemble “Mist-Cross Kit” complete with Aqua Spinners. 80 – 2 in. Neoprene collars for guaranteed results now!


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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in