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Royal Rush

  • Amino acids based plant stimulator for grow and bloom ,p>Royal Rush is a powerful organic plant stimulant based on a custom amino-acid formula developed by Plagron. This product enhances the production of chlorophyll and increases essential oil and brix levels in the plant. The result allows aromatic and flavor profiles of blooms, flowers and fruits to be significantly enhanced.

    One signature aspect of the amino acid profile contained in Royal Rush is a significant reduction in the overall flowering cycle to harvest. This effect is created by signaling to the plant system that environmental stress is incurring, and as a protective effort the plant must increase essential oil and resin content on the plant surface in order to protect itself. Healthy plants that boast vigorous development in optimal conditions may reduce overall production time by as much as one week!

    Why use Royal Rush

  • Increase and enhance the overall essential oil and brix content.
  • Promotes more essential element availability to the plant
  • Stimulates chlorophyll production within the plant
  • Shortens the production cycle thus increasing the amounts of harvests annually.
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