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A premium sticking and wetting agent which has been extensively tested in Northern California with phenomenal results, Humboldt Sticky is formulated using premium ingredients which are simply unavailable in similar products.Stomata’s are tiny plant organelles which are located on the surface of leaves and act as pores for liquid and gas exchanges. The role of the stomata’s is to catch nutrients and moisture from above.

Applying foliar prays is an additional way to get food into the plant, by passing the root zone and directly feeding the plant. High performance nutrients are expensive and no-one likes to see them go to waste. The state of the art binding agents present in Humboldt Sticky create a microscopic bond between your plant’s leaves and your nutrient solution, using all-natural biochemical processes which do not damage plant tissue, nor induce plant stress.

With Humboldt Sticky your foliar sprays are fully utilized by the plant, eliminating waste or overfeeding. By equally distributing the heavier elements of your foliar spray (micro-nutrients, trace elements, etc) throughout the solution, your favorite plants receive more complete, healthy and useful nutrition. Humboldt Nutrients provides the gardener with an effective and easy to use Foliar Feeding.

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Humboldt Nutrients