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These products have been created by the same team that brought FloraNova to the market. In fact, the head of research and development for General Hydroponics, has a strong background in sustainable agriculture, and this line is just the beginning of his vision of pure organic hydroponics. The General Organics line is a total departure from the conventional rules of hydroponics. Right out of the bottle the products can be mixed and hand watered on plants growing in soil, or soilless media.

BioThrive Grow is pure, natural nutrition for plants grown in soil or soilless mediums. Its vegan formula facilitates lush vegative growth and vigourous root development. It provides necessary organic elements needed for plant growth and strength in the vegetative stage.

BioThrive Bloom is formulated to provide blooming plants with essential elements needed for superior blooms and harvests. The vegan formulation is pure and natural from organic sources. BioThrive Bloom promotes massive flowers and fruit and also encourages microbial activity in the growing media. It is ideal for both potting soil and soilless growing.

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