Spray N Grow 16oz.

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What is foliar feeding?
Foliar feeding provides nutrients to plants through its leaves and stems, not its root. Nutrients are sprayed on the leaves and stems and are absorbed by stomata, the epidermis and bark of woody plants. The nutrients move from the place of absorption throughout the entire plant, including the roots, within one day. Referencing the professors above, it’s about a foot an hour.

Healthy Plants Begin with Healthy Soil


Get Higher Performance with Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients
Here are the scientifically proven results Spray-N-Grow delivers to hydroponically grown plants:
Increased yields
Earlier flower set
Increased flower size
Higher brix levels
Increased root mass
Extends shelf-life of harvested crops


Spray N Grow

How does it actually work? Spray-N-Grow Micronutrient complex: Concentrates phosphate at the bud tips. This prompts plants to produce more blooms and set more fruit. Relieves the cumulative stress condition caused by over-fertilization, salt buildup and petrochemical use. Activates dormant microorganisms in the soil. These mini armies break down soil nutrients into forms plants can absorb. Reconditions the soil. Healthier soil offers both improved fertility and better soil texture that provides space for essential oxygen and water.
Healthy Plants Begin with Healthy Soil