UNO GEN-1elp Propane


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The UNO CO2 generators are constructed of powder coated steel enclosures that resist moisture, rust and discoloration.

  • They will provide years of trouble-free operation.
  • The UNO GEN-1e and UNO GEN-2e are manufactured using only AGA and/or UL listed components that are appropriate for use with both propane and natural gas.
  • The units come complete with a low-pressure, in-line natural gas regulator or the new Type1 style no-tool-required propane regulator that makes tank replacement easy.
  • UNO CO2 generators operate up to 100 degrees cooler than other competitive products.
  • The UNO GEN-1e and UNO GEN-2e can also be easily converted from propane to natural gas or vise-versa in less than 10 minutes with an inexpensive kit.
  • The UNO GEN-1 produces 15 cubic feet of CO2 per hour.
  • The Gen-2 produces 30 cubic feet of CO2 per hour.

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Dimensions 17 × 12 × 20 in