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New TRIMPRO Trimmer! Introducing the NEW TRIMPRO UNPLUGGED™! The First Hand-Operated Trimmer from the Makers of the Best Trimmers in the World. Trimpro has introduced their first hand-operated trimming machine. The TRIMPRO UNPLUGGED. Designed similar to the famous Trimpro Rotors, although a little smaller, the economical machine is perfect for the smaller grower that needs a great trimmer at an affordable price. The smaller size makes the trimmer very portable. The hand crank operates a system of gears that enables the fingers that rotate the product at a slower speed than the trimming blades spinning below. This results in complete speed control. With the adjustable blade height, you can customize the final product to match your specifications. Minimum effort is needed to operate the trimmer. TRIMPRO UNPLUGGED is new standard in hand-operated trimmers! Specifications: Weight: 8 lbs. Diameter: 14 inches Height: 9 inches

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in