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The latest innovative product from PlantLife Products, Suck It Up combines a pentrating agent with a colored pH indicator to give your plants the maximum amount of foliar spray components in the safest way possible.

Other products forcibly open the stoma of the leaf, potentially allowing pathogens inside. Suck It Up safely takes the spray through the space between epithelial cells. Suck It Up works at any pH level; in fact it will let the grower know when the pH is too extreme for the plant.

  • Superior leaf penetration AT ALL pH levels.
  • Coloured pH indicator to remind its user to adjust the pH.
  • One liter will produce 67 liters of spray.
  • Helps the spray move through the waxy cuticle as well as the space between the epithelial cells which is too small for microbes to enter.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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