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Microbiological Inoculant

Subculture™ is a revolutionary blend of microorganisms that will increase vitality and yield in all plants. Whether in soil or hydroponics, the proprietary mixed blend of bacteria, actinomycetes and trichoderma fungi colonize in the root zone and media to form a symbiotic relationship with the plant. Plant root mass will increase, as well as nutrient absorption, creating bigger, healthier plants.

SubCulture™ has the highest concentration in the industry of microorganisms is the at 1.25 billion CFU per gram. General Hydroponics SubCulture™ creates robust healthy plants with strong, healthy root systems that are resistant to environmental stresses. SubCulture™ comes in convenient water-soluble 1 oz pouch, with each pouch treating up to 50 gallons of nutrient solution, or up to eight cubic feet of media.

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