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Through extensive research and development, the Humboldt Nutrients team of agronomists and chemists have created the first naturally chelated one-part formula on the market. Oneness (5-9-4) is Humboldt Nutrients own unique blend of plant-based amino and organic acid chelates, concentrated in a solution with complex carbohydrates, macro and micro-nutrients; all of which are naturally found in healthy soil and vegetation. Oneness is the perfect solution for the beginning gardener, looking for experienced results. Formulated with over 30 proprietary natural chelates, Oneness assures that your fruits, vegetables, and herbs will receive adequate nutrition during the vegetative and flowering stages. Oneness is 100% bio-degradable and made with chelates derived only from natural sources, setting Oneness apart from the competing synthetic chelated one-part formulas. Synthetic chelates can raise the salt-index in a biochemical system, choking out all biological activity.


Ammonium nitrate, Ammonium phosphate, Potassium phosphate, Potassium nitrate, Magnesium sulfate, Boric Acid, Copper sulfate, Ferrous sulfate, Manganese sulfate and Zinc sulfate.

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