Mykos – Mycorrhizal Inoculant Granular


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Mykos is RTI’s world record-breaking mycorrhizal inoculant. Averaging 3000 spores per 50 ml sample, it is the nation’s highest spore count endo-mycorrhizal inoculant. Mykos is registered with certified INVAM pedigrees (INVAM being the world’s utmost authority on the culturing of mycorrhizae) and its Glomus intraradices 801 species, proprietary to RTI, is considered to be the most aggressive, highyielding strain of mycorrhizae ever produced. Mykos ensures both faster growing and higher-yielding plants. It is formulated from pure endo-mycorrhizae, meaning that it works from within the roots, not from without like ecto-mycorrhizae, which only benefits conifers and hardwood trees. It is the purest and most infective mycorrhizal fungi currently available, delivered straight from the nation’s oldest and top grower of mycorrhizae, Reforestation Technologies International.

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