Merlin Garden Pro High – Flow Reverse Osmosis System


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This filter produces 30 gallons per hour or 750 gallons per day of ultra pure, low ppm water. Removes 95%+ of chlorine, hardness (calcium & magnesium), excessive minerals (iron), and all other contaminants. It wastes approximately 40% less drain water than other RO systems on the market. Everything is included in the box to start producing bottled quality water for your plants.

The unit includes:

  • High-Flow Reverse Osmosis Unit with 1 Carbon Pre-filter & 2 RO Membranes
  • Inlet Pressure Guage
  • Garden Hose Connector
  • 3.8 in. Inline Shut-off
  • 12.5 ft RO Line
  • 4.5 ft Feed Line
  • 4.5 ft Drain Line
  • Instructions


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