Athena Cuts Rooting Gel Compound – 14oz

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Athena Cuts Rooting Gel is a premium rooting gel formulated to propagate new plants from stem and leaf cuttings of mother plants. It is formulated with an essential plant hormone that promotes rapid root generation and growth.

This water-based gel coats and seals the tissue around the cut stem. The contains a blend of hormones, nutrients, and vitamins that are easily absorbed by the plant to promote abundant root cell development.

Athena Cuts may be used on any type of cutting, including woody, herbaceous, flowers, ornamentals, vegetables, and fruit trees.


Squeeze a small amount of Athena Cuts Rooting Gel into a separate container.
Take cuttings from healthy mother plants and trim to 2-8 inch length.
Make cuts at a 45-degree angle on the stem.
Dip the cut end of the stem into Athena Cuts gel to the desired depth or immerse in water until ready to be dipped.
After Athena Cuts gel has been applied, place cuttings into a cloning system or rooting medium.
Depending on the variety, roots may appear within a few days or weeks of dipping. Transplant clones once the cuttings have rooted.


Take cuttings only from new growth on healthy mother plants.
Do not dip cuttings directly into container.
Discard used gel, do not reuse.



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