IMPULSE 1000 Watt double ended lamp


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This high performing IMPULSE lamp

  • The best choice for the BadBoy Remote ballast with the SUPER BOOST option! Specifically designed for high frequency electronic ballasts like the Gavita 1000w HPS Pro series (or any 1000w HPS double ended fixture).
  • Great lumen output for high PAR values. Robust plants through high blue light output.
  • High Red/Blue light ratio for healthy plant growth. Tubular low profile design for compact fixtures.
  • For horizontal burning only.
  • The jacket of this double ended lamp is made from quartz glass.
  • Do not handle with bare hands.
  • Oil from your hands can damage the lamp.
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    Weight 1.8 oz
    Dimensions 16 × 4 × 4 in


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