Gardening Indoors with CO2


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By George F. Van Patten and Alyssa F. Bust
(5.5×8.5″, 96 pages, illustrated, index)

This is the book to have if you’ve ever wondered about unlocking your plant’s maximum potential with Carbon Dioxide. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s the basic rundown on it. There is about 300 PPM’s (Parts Per Millionth) of Carbon Dioxide in the regular air we breathe day to day. If you add 3 to 5 times the CO2 to the controlled environment in an indoor garden, (around 900-1200 ppm’s), most plants will benefit greatly. Greenhouses worldwide report 30-40% better yields from fruit and vegetable crops by increasing the CO2 levels. It’s the reason talking to plants is so good for them, we exhale Carbon Dioxide. There are many ways to introduce it into your growroom, and there are things to know to get the most for your gas. It can be quickly wasted if your room is leaky, have inadequate ventilation, or add CO2 at the wrong times. That’s why this book was written, to help guide you quickly and easily through the info. you’ll need to save you time and money, and maximize your plant growth.

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