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Co2 pucks are designed for those of us that have a small grow area and don’t want the hassle of purchasing a tank and regulator for Co2 enrichment. These pucks will emit Co2 lasting for 1 day each and are required to be added every day from weeks 2-5 of the blooming cycle. The benefits of co2 are not obtained unless there is a rise in Co2 to 1100-1400ppm range and it must be done everyday for the main part of the bloom cycle. Otherwise you won’t get the results you are looking for with Co2 enrichment, which in most cases is 40-60% increase in harvest

  • Each puck will supply Co2 to 440 square foot area for up to 18 hours, emitting approx 1600ppm of Co2 into your grow space
  • Place in a container (bucket or plastic milk jug with top cut off). Add 100ml of water to start the reaction & place container 3 ft from plants,up near the canopy. Remember Co2 is heavier than air and will sink
  • Start the puck 1 hour after the lights come on to ensure proper opening of the plant stomata
  • Use 1 puck per day from week 2 thru week 5 of bloom/flowering cycle



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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in