DE 1000-VS Grow Light System



Available in 120/240V or 277V
External Controls Available
The DE 1000-VS Grow Light System is designed to maximize the performance of EYE HORTILUX Double Ended grow lamps. This system focuses 11% more of the light to the target area than our nearest competitor to enhance the performance of the lamp and maximize plant quality and yield.
• Designed especially for EYE HORTILUX DE grow lamps
• External control system available (sold separately)
• The status LED provides information on condition of system and controller
• Reflector design maximizes intensity on canopy
Coverage Area 4 ft. x 4 ft.
Height Above Canopy 4 ft.
Distance between fixtures** 4 ft.
*Optimal setup and performance measurements based on DE 1000-VS system with HORTILUX 1000W DE HPS lamp. Actual performance may vary.
**The distance between fixtures should be measured from the center of the lamp.


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